• Ashley & Brendan Smock

The Nursery

As we're waiting for the court certification and the home study to be completed, we have been doing some work around our home to prepare for a new addition. One of the rooms we've been most excited working on is the nursery. We obviously kept the color scheme gender neutral because we don't know what little bundle of joy we are going to be blessed with.

I have attached some photos of the nursery for everyone to see. We have chosen Classic Winnie the Pooh as the nursery theme. Also, as you can see out the back window, we have an entire acre of land that is fenced in for our pups and little one to play in.

We hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for the love and support.

As always, any expectant parents that would like to reach out to us for more information or just to chat please feel free to call or text us at anytime at (585) 694-5219. We hope to hear from you!

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