• Ashley & Brendan Smock

Home Study Update

Today we had our home study! The social worker said that we passed and not to worry. She said that we seem like a great couple with a lot of humor between us. She really liked our house and enjoyed talking with us. She will be writing up her report as soon as she can. Once the report is finished, she will call us to go over it with us.

For our next step, we need the courts to open back up so we can get our fingerprinting done and complete the child abuse clearance. Once those things are done we can submit everything to the courts to be pre-certified as adoptive parents!!

Until then, we are setting up our adoptive parent profile on a bunch of adoption websites. As we get the profiles completed, I will post the links to them for everyone to share. We are so so excited that everything went well today and can't wait to be matched for adoption!!!!!

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