We are a fun-loving and goofy couple, who have learned to make the best out of every situation. Since we got married in August 2010, we have been trying to start a family. After multiple miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy, we decided to go to a fertility specialist. The fertility clinic ran multiple test and did a few procedures. The doctors were unable to find the cause of the recurring miscarriages and we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Giving up on our life long dream of becoming parents was never an option. So we decided to take our chances trying IUI and IVF. We continued to experience more miscarriages over the next couple years and a few years later nothing had changed.

Neither of us are willing to give up on the fight to become parents, but we needed a new plan. That's when our adoption journey began. Our relationship has only become stronger by everything we have gone through and it has only made us want a baby that much more. We are so honored that people like you are willing to consider us as potential parents for your child. Our dream would never be able to come true without the selfless act of expectant parents making the decision to give their child the best life possible.

That is exactly what we will provide for your child if you chose us. We will cherish every moment and never take a minute for granted. Your child would be loved unconditionally by not only the two of us, but our entire family. Our family has endure the struggle of our infertility right along with us and cannot wait for our dreams to finally become a reality.

We can not begin to imagine the type of decisions you are going to be facing over the next few months. We commend you for all of your strength and courage. Thank you so much for looking over our website and considering us as potential parents for your newborn. Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or just to chat. We hope to hear from you.